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Daily Bookish Challenges Day Four

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Day Four: Wednesday, September 17:

What are your favourite things about people who love to read and are really passionate about books?


  • What are some of the definitive qualities of a booklover?
    • Someone who goes nowhere without a book. Who goes in a bookstore for one book, and leaves with 10. Someone who has their face in a book at any given moment. Someone who just loves to read.
  • Why are books and reading important to you?
    • Reading expands the mind, and takes you to places you can only dream about. They broaden your imagination. The great things about books as opposed to movies is that I can picture that world differently from someone else, while a movie shows everyone the same image.
  • Who are some of your favourite bookish people? These people can be your best friends, someone you admire from afar, an author, celebrity, etc. You can either list them by name and/or include descriptions of these people and why you admire them.
    • My favorite bookish people are some of my closest friends, who I worked with in our independent bookstore. We can talk for hours about our favorite books, our theories on those books, and rant to each other about why we dislike such and such a character. Also, Harry Potter Book Releases were a blast!
  • Do you have any book-related book recommendations?
    • The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. This is a series I don’t think too many people have heard of. If you life mysteries and puzzles.

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  • You may wish to share some quotes on books and reading.


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