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Reluctantly Charmed ~ Review

22609356Reluctantly Charmed

by Ellie O’Neill

Publish Date: March 17, 2015

Publisher: Touchstone

Genre: Chick lit/Fantasy/Fiction

How Did I Get the Book? I received an arc copy from Netgalley.

My Rating: ♥♥

Kate McDaid is listing her new-year’s resolutions hoping to kick-start her rather stagnant love life and career when she gets some very strange news. To her surprise, she is the sole benefactor of a great great-great-great aunt and self-proclaimed witch also called Kate McDaid, who died over 130 years ago. As if that isn’t strange enough, the will instructs that, in order to receive the inheritance, Kate must publish seven letters, one by one, week by week.

Burning with curiosity, Kate agrees and opens the first letter – and finds that it’s a passionate plea to reconnect with the long-forgotten fairies of Irish folklore. Almost instantaneously, Kate’s life is turned upside down. Her romantic life takes a surprising turn and she is catapulted into the public eye.

As events become stranger and stranger – and she discovers things about herself she’s never known before – Kate must decide whether she can fulfil her great-aunt’s final, devastating request … and whether she can face the consequences if she doesn’t.

Witty, enchanting and utterly addictive, Reluctantly Charmed is about what happens when life in the fast lane collides with the legacy of family, love and its possibilities … and a little bit of magic.

I first got drawn to this book by the cover, to be totally honest. The cover is gorgeous, and I love the premise of the story. But to be honest, I lost interest in the story. I tried to get into it, but nothing was catching my interest. I did not find the writing particularly engaging, nor the main character.

I got about 15% into the story before I just gave up and skimmed to the end. Nothing stuck with me about the story, which I find the most disappointing. A sign of a really good book, to me, is remembering details long after it is over. I would probably give this another chance, because I just might not have been in the mood to read this. I didn’t feel anything while reading this book, and that is probably what disappointed me most.


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