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Does This Happen to Anyone Else?


Does anyone else have this problem? You start out reading a book on your Kindle. It’s slow going, the book just seems to drag on and on. After a while you give up and switch to a hard copy, and all of a sudden you are breezing through the book.

This seems to happen to me off and on, and I cannot pinpoint exactly why there are just some books, or in some cases, authors, who I find difficult to read on a Kindle. One author that this seems to happen for me consistently is Colleen Hoover. I first started trying to read Ugly Love on my Kindle, but I just couldn’t get into it. I then decided to  try reading my paperback copy of it, and I found myself breezing through it. Same with Maybe Someday.

I sometimes wonder what it is about certain authors that I find hard to read on certain formats and easier on others. What are your thoughts?

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