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Review ~ The Book Depository

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I though today, that I would take a moment and review the website, the Book Depository. This website came to my attention last year (I can’t remember exactly when), through—where else—Tumblr. I was a little wary of it at first—I usually am with new websites, not exactly trusting them. Even so, I ordered a book (Fangirl Special Edition by Rainbow Rowell and Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav), and was very happy with the service. It even came with a free bookmark! (Something I always anticipate when opening a Book Depository order!).

So what is Book Depository? In short, they are the world’s leading specialist online bookstore. They offer over 12 million titles, with free delivery to over 100 countries (check here to see which countries). They are located in the United Kingdom, so it does take a little while for the package to reach you if you live in the States (as I do). They also have some excellently priced books—not always as low as Amazon, but still pretty good. If you live in the States and want a foreign edition of a certain book (say Harry Potter), this is an excellent place to go to. I have had pretty good luck with them so far (though have not gotten as many bookmarks as I would have liked from them. Boo.)

They also have an affiliates program (more here). Some short points about it:

  • It is free to join
  • 5% commission on all orders, including pre-orders
  • monthly payments on approved sales
  • it is super easy to join-fill out the form, receive your password, log in and you are set (though you do receive an email asking you to explain why you want to join and how you will use it).

So I decided to join. I have found their affiliates page to be much user friendly than Amazon’s, which just confused me.

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

I would definitely recommend their site to anyone who has not used them before!

My rating of their website: ☆☆☆☆


  1. curiousdaisies says

    I live in Europe and their packages still take ages to reach me. Also, they don’t put bookmarks in each package so that sure leaves something to be desired for. And when I order multiple books at once, they ship them separately which I don’t understand at all (also, I think the postman hates in these cases)

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  2. I just heard about The Book Depository a couple of months ago. I joined the affiliate program and also placed my first order (and a few days ago a second order haha). I like it because you can get a different edition than one that is sold in your country. I live in the States also but I was able to get the UK and/or international editions of the books I wanted.

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