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Mini Book Review ~ Then (Tryst #1)

Then (Tryst #1) 
by Marie York
Genre: Romance
How Did I Get It? I received an arc from Mark My Words Publicity in exchange for an honest review
My Rating: ♥  ♥  ♥
Goodreads Summary:
Dark and mysterious, Jaxon Reed is Lyla Scott’s living breathing sexual fantasy.There’s one problem, though. She’s with Kyle, the love of her life. She shouldn’t feel this way about anyone else, right?But when disaster strikes with Kyle, she can’t help but wonder about Jax.Lyla doesn’t usually do this, but could a steamy tryst be the answer to her heartbreak?
 This novella was a short, steamy read, though a bit predictable. I just wasn’t that into it. Lyla has been lusting after a Jaxon, a guy she was partnered with in college to do a presentation. The only problem is that she is dating Kyle, who she feels is “The One”. Only problem is, he doesn’t see her vision of moving to the suburbs and having a white picket fence, and he tells her so. So almost immediately after he breaks up with her, she has a one night stand with Jaxon. The only thing I can say is, at least the sex was better for her with Jaxon than with Kyle. The second novella is supposed to come out soon, which will continue this story. I just need to decide whether it is something I want to read. It was a perfectly fine book for what it was.

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