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Books Into Movies ~ Jurassic World


My brother and I went this weekend to see Jurassic World (which was awesome, let me say, though how does someone where heels and run in them when you are being chased by a dinosaur? I don’t understand), and it got me to thinking about the books that are made into movies. So, onto my little rant.

I’ve read Jurassic Park and Lost World several times; in fact they are some of my favorite books, and I love the movies. There is some great action in the books, and some heart pounding moments. What I never understand when they make movies from action/adventure books, is why do they change them so drastically? I know that film is a different medium from books (obviously), they could have cut out many of the sciency talks and kept in a lot of the action.

If you’ve ever read the books and then watched the movies, they are very dissimilar. There are elements from the book in the movies, but they change a lot of it drastically. Lost World alone is drastically different from the books, and that annoys me endlessly. The book is so much better (but then, they usually are).

The movies, by themselves, are really good. I mean—there are dinosaurs! What’s not to love! But they leave something to be desired when you take the books into consideration.


  1. I loved both those books too!

    Making storyline changes, in some cases major ones, isn’t limited to movies. It has been going on at least for a century and a half – probably longer. I’ve read the text of a couple of plays based on Balzac novels – major changes! They even changed the ending of Pere Goriot. These were productions from the 19th Century.

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      • We discussed it at the Balzac group. They took two tragedies and gave them happy endings. We decided that maybe it was done to make the audiences enjoy it and the play would be more popular. Although I really don’t think either of those two had long runs.


  2. Jurassic Park is still the film I have seen most at the cinema. On its original release I was a teenager and went to see it FOUR times. I also love the book, but I am so glad I came to it after the film as there are a lot of things in it I would have liked to see on the screen.

    On the flip side, one plus of the film was that they gave the girl character (Alex?) something to do – she sorts out the computers near the end. I remember in the book being frustrated that her character was entirely useless, unless you count moaning, screaming and getting the way as useful.

    Generally, I agree: the book tends to be better than the film. 🙂

    I haven’t seen Jurassic World yet but would like to. I’ve heard about the running in heels though! Have they learned nothing?! At least in Jurassic Park, Ellie wore some really sensible hiking boots!

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    • I am glad they Lexi (I’m pretty sure that’s her name) a stronger than in the book. That is one of my complaints in the book.

      I thought Jurassic World was very good! I don’t think they have learned anything about running and heels! All I could think about while watching the movie was how the heck was she walking on grass without loosing a shoe, let alone running from a dinosaur. I mean, if it was me, those shoes would be gone first thing. At least Ellie was wearing sensible shoes.

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      • In the book Lex is like a four year old pain in the ass. I never thought I could hate a four year old so much. But all the characters in the book (except Alan and Timmy) are awful awful people. Even Ellie sucks in the book!

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  3. Firstly, you are spot on about the thing with the shoes. It was actually easily the most inaccurate thing in that movie, and I say that as a scientist.

    I freaking LOVE dinosaurs. I thought I was going to love the book of Jurassic Park. But I’m actually really happy for everything they changed from the Jurassic Park book to the movie. As a scientist, the book made me want to vomit, and not from the scientific inaccuracies, but from the way it portrayed scientists. It was just the same rant over and over again of how scientists are so terrible and evil and it was complete rubbish. It was such a terrible misrepresentation of scientists and I hated it. I was actually downright offended by it. No wonder no one cares about funding research when everyone thinks scientists are some kind of untrustworthy demon spawn. So I’m actually really glad they cut that out. And I was also glad that the characters in the movie were likable, where as every character, except Alan and Timmy (who was a total boss!) was just awful. I so desperately wanted to love this book, but nope. I didn’t bother with the second. Sorry for the rant but I just feel like I have to say SCIENTISTS ARE NOT EVIL! whenever I see anyone mention this book…

    While I totally agree that the book is generally better than the movie, I think this is the exception. And princess bride, but that’s another rant for another day.

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    • I agree with you about the characterization of the scientists and everyone else. I did like them better in the movies. My main thing with the movies was the action in the book. I felt like it had a better plot line in the books, and I just don’t see why they had to so drastically change that. It just doesn’t make sense to me when writers have good material to work with and make these huge changes.

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      • I didn’t care for the plot of the book. I thought it took far to long to get started and I just didn’t care for it. But I was so angry with it most of the time that most of what I can remember is what I hated.

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