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A Week of Adventures

For the most part, my summer was filled with working. But I did have a few adventures! I went to Chicago with a friend, went on a motorcycle day trip with my dad, and bought lots of books (because, as my friend and I would say: VACATION).

First up was Chicago. I took a week off of work, and headed to the city with a friend for an overnight stay. We had fun exploring, and ended up on an Architecture Boat Tour, learning more about the history of Chicago. We also ended up visiting an independent bookstore and buying a lot of books!

(so delicious)

My friend and I had a great time tooling around Chicago and relaxing.

After getting back from Chicago, we had to bring my grandpa (who was up visiting) back to his home, and I got some reading done.

That week, my dad and I decided to have a little day trip on his motorcycle around Wisconsin. We ended up at The House on the Rocks, which is pretty ugly, honestly, but I loved the library—floor to ceiling bookshelves! My dream! (I also got some reading done on this trip as well)

(Floor to ceiling bookshelves!)

And here pictures of books I have gotten over the summer:

(My Owlcrate book)

(June’s book haul)

(July’s book haul—don’t worry, I didn’t buy all of those.)

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