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Lit Lists—Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team 

I was tagged by the lovely Tina over at Read the Bloody Book to choose who I would have on my team if the zombie apocalypse ever hit. So who would I want around me? 

Meira—Snow Like Ashes

This girl can sneak into places, has magic, and is sort of a badass—obviously she is on my side. I also think we would get on pretty well.

Sharazhad—The Wrath & The Dawn

She’s brilliant tactican, an excellent shot with the bow, and I would not want to be her enemy. Ever.

Elias—An Ember in the Ashes

He’s an elite soldier  at his school and the top of his class. I would pity the zombie fighting against him.

Tamlin—A Court of Thorns and Roses

He’s fae and lord of his estate, which he rules with an iron fist. He could kick any zombies ass.

Aelin/Rowan—Throne of Glass series  

A former assassin, and now—she is a badass. Pure and simple. And he is a far, with centuries of experience. Obviously I need them on my side.

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