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Book Review | The Keepsake (Empress Chronicles #2)

This was a fantastic sequel! It picks up where The Empress Chronicles picks up and jumps into the action. There was a lot in this book that I loved!

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.34.32 AM

First of all, I would like to thank Suzy Vitello for the chance to review The Keepsake! I fell in love with this story! If you want to read my review for The Empress Chronicles, go here.

One of the things that I loved was the character growth. It doesn’t happen right away; in fact it doesn’t really happen until half way through the book, but because of events that Liz and Sisi set into place through their actions, they have a sort of epiphany. They come to appreciate their family more, which was a pet peeve of mine.

Neither Liz or Sisi have a good relationship with their families. As we find out in Empress, Liz’s parents are divorced, her dad is living with his girlfriend, Willow, out on a farm (which is a problem for Liz, seeing as she has a fairly severe case of OCD.) Liz has a hard time accepting her father’s relationship with Willow, which leads her to do a few things that could end up hurting everyone’s relationship.

Sisi, with a philandering though doting father, and a family who simply does not understand her, is also part of a dysfunctional family. Just how dysfunctional becomes more apparent throughout the book.

Another favorite thing about this book were the twists! There were several that I just did not see coming, and I love when a book surprises me like that. One of my favorite subjects is alternate history, and I love that this story plays around with that a bit. I won’t give anything away; all I will say is that while it is only a brief part of the story, Vitello handles it very well. It transitions seamlessly from current history to alternate history.

I truly love these books! They are so readable. So hard to put down. If you enjoy fantasy, historical fiction, alternate history, you will enjoy these books. I am sad that they are over.

Rating: 4/5 stars


Suzy was kind of enough to lend some photos to get a visual of some of the places written about in the books.

The first is a peak above Bad Ischl, the spa town where Sisi and Franz Joseph were betrothed.

(photo courtesy of Suzy Vitello)

The next photo is The Sisi Museum in The Holfburg, where Liz and her mother visit in one chapter.

The Sisi Museum in The Hofburg (Photo courtesy of Suzy Vitello)

(Photo courtesy of Suzy Vitello)

The last photo is of The Residenz, which served as a sort of White House in Munich, when Sisi’s relatives ruled Bavaria.

(Photo courtesy of Suzy Vitello)


You can purchase here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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