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Book Review | The Fifteenth Minute

Another great read from Sarina Bowen! I can’t wait to see who’s story we will read about next (I know who I want, but we’ll see.)

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.45.57 AM

I absolutely adore Lianna and DJ. ADORE. Their story was so much fun, and slightly sad at the same time. I will say that DJ’s story was easy to figure out early on, but I still enjoyed seeing how it would be resolved so that he and Lianne could get together. They were so sweet together, I just couldn’t help rooting for them.

To make it even better, there were some appearances from some of my favorite characters, like Graham and Rikker. ❤ Love them! I couldn’t help squeeing a bit when they made an appearance. (Is it bad that I just want another book with Graham and Rikker???)

While this story does follow a similar plot line like the previous books–girl and boy dance around each other, flirt, eventually get together only to have something break them up and then get back together–I got caught up into Lianne’s and DJ’s stories. I wanted to know how their individual situations would be resolved, and that is what I love about Sarina Bowen’s Ivy Years series. She creates characters that are down to earth and who you cannot help but cheer for. I absolutely adore these books!

I give the book four out of five stars for some predictability, but I love that she deals with some very serious issues in this book. To not spoil the book, I won’t say exactly what that is because I feel it might give away DJ’s story.

If you haven’t read Bowen’s books, you need to! However, this book is a standalone, so you do not need prior experience with the series. They are so much fun, and involve hockey! A sport I am rapidly coming to love.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Purchase here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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