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Book Review | Shattered Blue

I first became aware of Shattered Blue through Maren’s review. She loved it so much and the book looked so intriguing, that I had to pick it up! And let me tell you, I LOVED IT.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.49.27 AM

I loved this book so much, I don’t even know where to begin! I loved Noa, Callum, and Judah!

The story is narrated by Noa, our heroine, whose family recently suffered the tragic loss of the oldest sister, Isla. While Noa is trying to cope with that loss, she becomes intrigued and drawn to the new transfer student, Callum, who, she learns, also suffered a similarly haunting loss. What I loved about Callum was that you were never sure if you could quite trust him. Was he the hero of the story? Or was he something else? The same went for Judah; you started out wanting to think the worst of him, but as the story went on, his character becomes more and more complex. I honestly cannot say who I love more of the two!

“Unremarkable moments were the ones you missed most–the ones you didn’t realize were precious at the time, and so later could not remember.”

– Lauren Bird Horowitz, Shattered Blue (pg. 194)

The writing is simply beautiful in this book; I’m not big into poetry, but the poetry that Noa writes are simply beautiful! One of my favorites was “Lost Girls”:

“Nomad girls are Lost Ones too,
with leaves at foot and crown;
they too seek shelter in the trees,
drink Red and Gold and Brown.

their circlets made of steam and rain,
their lashes powdered ash,
they’re firelight, they’re fox’s kill,
they’re blood and sweat and scratch.

Lost Boys fly forever, and crow the rising sun.
they play all day in Neverland, their laughter
but Lost Girls live underground:
they steal from hole to hole.
They drink the shadows, wear the night,
And paint their cheeks with coal.

And when the wind turns colder,
they split a doe and climb inside.
still warm sinew
wrap their hands,
dead muscle soaks the light.

You’ll never tell what’s girl, what’s beast,
once bloody fur’s been trussed–
so think your happy thoughts, Lost Boy,
Wish on your Fairy Dust.”

There were so many twists in this book, and things I never saw coming, that it quickly became one of my favorite reads of this year. AND THAT CLIFFHANGER. SO. CRUEL. I need book two RIGHT. NOW.

My Rating: 5 stars


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