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Series Review | Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

Where do I start with this trilogy? I loved it so much, I don’t know how to begin to explain it to you.

Elisa, the younger of two princesses from the kingdom of Orovalle, is married off to Alejandro de Vega, the King of Joya d’Arena. She was selected by god to fulfill a prophecy at her naming day, shown by the Godstone in her naval. What follows is her journey of self-discovery, danger, love, and action-packed books that I fell in love with!

I loved Elisa so much! She is not your typical protagonist—she is over-weight, dark-skinned, and a no-nonsense character—facts which I absolutely adore about her! Her character grew so much as the trilogy went on, and it was wonderful to see her grow into her role as Queen of Orovalle. And in her own way, can kick some booty!

Another favorite character was Lord Hector. Swoon! He is just such an honorable, dignified, tall, darkly handsome man—I love him! While he is not critical at the beginning of the first book, he becomes an evermore important character as the trilogy goes on. I don’t want to spoil things for anyone who hasn’t read this yet, but just to let you know who I ship: Elisa x Hector forever! 😀

This trilogy is incredibly unique, feminist, and heartwarming. I strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a diverse read, with a strong female lead. You will not regret it!

Fire and Thorna

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