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Series Review | The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Why did it take so long for me to get into this series!?! I don’t know, but I finally finished the first book, and I LOVED IT! 

I had started reading this book two times before, and each time I had set it down and moved on to other books. I don’t know why it took me so long to fall in love with this series, but now was obviously the right time for it. I know I am late to the Lunartic train, but better late than never, right?!



I love retellings, of any kind, so I loved this new twist to the Cinderella story!

I love Cinder and Kai. Out of all the pairings so far, I love to see their story develop. The budding romance in Cinder is adorable, this cute first sight romance that just satisfies something in you while wanting more for them. I honestly cannot tell you why I set it down two times before I actually finished reading it, because I am now obsessed with this series. Seriously. No idea.

5/5 stars



Scarlett, the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, was fascinating. It was so interesting to see Scarlett and Wolf’s romance develop in such an unusual way. And just that fact that in the end Wolf considers her his Alpha—well, let me just swoon a little right now. And while we see their trust gradually develop as they spend more time together, we also learn more about Levana’s plot, and more about Cinder’s history.

5/5 stars



Out of all the romances that take place in this series, Cress’s was probably my least favorite. It just seemed a little unbelievable. Maybe it’s the infatuation-turned-to-love part that I don’t care for. Either way, I still loved this book, we learn still more about plots and foils, and what Kai has planned. We are also introduced to Jacin, who, while a minor character in this book, becomes more prominent in Winter. This is just a brilliant retelling of the Rapunzel story. Truly.

5/5 stars



Levana’s love story is probably the scariest of them all. She just plain terrifies me. While she scared me before in the first three books, this one shed a whole other light on her personality that is frankly terrifying. I was not a fan at the beginning of this one, but by the end I loved it! I think it just took some getting used to the fact that Levana is ruthless and doesn’t have a redeeming factor about her. This is probably the scariest side of Snow White you would ever want to read: the Evil Queen’s side of the story.

5/5 stars



This book leaves me speechless. Truly. This is just such an epic end to The Lunar Chronicles. So much happens, and so much is wrapped up seamlessly, that it is hard to even describe. So much happens in this book—revolutions, almost assassinations, romances—and it’s all epic! This book is how you end a series! And now with Stars Above coming out next week, we get a more sneak peaks into Cinder’s time with Madame Benoit, and a look at the wedding of the century! (!!!!!)

5/5 stars


I loved how each book was a continuation of where the previous book left off, just from a different characters perspective. Each character developed and grew even more as the stories went on it was wonderful to see. I don’t know that I’ve ever read a series where I’ve loved every single book! Marissa Meyer did such a wonderful job with these books!


  1. I’m late to the series too. I’ve only read Cinder so far, but I loved it. Seeing that it stayed at five stars all the way through the series for you makes me even more excited about picking it up again. (I skipped everything but the rating for the later books though, to hide from spoilers.) Cinder & Kai were pretty cute together. 🙂

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