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Book Review | Shearwater Part One

I wasn’t sure what I was going I rate this at first. I read the first half of the book fairly quickly, but the second half seemed to drag with lots of explanation. But reading in the Note to the Reader helped put a perspective on the book. 


This book is the first part of the first book, so it makes sense that the last half of this book seemed to be filled with explanation. The second half of the first book promises to be filled with life-shattering events (D.S. Murphy’s words from his author’s note). I am looking forward to finding out what will happen with Clara and Sebastian and Ethan (though I sense a love triangle, and if there’s one trope that I hate, it’s a love triangle).

The book starts out with Clara learning of her parents death on the day of her big recital. Not long after, she learns that she has a grandfather in Ireland whom she had never knew about, and is sent to live with him. While there, she begins to dig into the mystery of her mother, who had left home and gone to America when she was 16, and changed her name—none of which Clara knew. So begins her search for more information for her mother. Then there is the mystery of who is killing girls, and laying them out in a ritualistic manner.

Knowing that the second part will have more of the action, heartbreak, and life shattering events makes me eager for the second book! I’m also looking forward to seeing Clara transform into a strong, kick-ass female she by the end of the second part of book one! Many have compared it to Twilight (which I can see), but I have higher hopes for this one in terms of a strong female lead.

This book is an enjoyable read! If you like mermaids (merrows, in this book), and fantasy, I think you will enjoy this different take on the lore. I can tell you one thing, I want to visit Ireland even more now! The description of Portballintrae and the surrounding countryside makes me want to travel there and visit the castle ruins, and see the sheep. 😀


My Rating: 4/5 stars


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