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Book Review | This Is Where it Ends

This is such a compelling, terrifying book about a subject that is all too real. This is Where it Ends

This is such an emotionally honest, dark book. It is told from four different points of view, and each one brings a different perspective of the shooting. Two of the characters are trapped in the auditorium with the shooter, one is in detention in the Principal’s office and is able to contact the police, and the last is outside on the track with her team when the shooting begins. Over the next 54 minutes, we learn about each of these characters connecting history.

This book broke my heart. It explores a variety of issues—rape, physical abuse, sexuality, diversity, and sibling relationships—all in the span of 54 minutes. Books about school shootings are something that is never easy to read, but I thought Nijkamp handled the subject deftly.

There were so many things I loved about this book—the writing, Claire and Chris, Tomàs, the diversity of characters—I would recommend this to everyone.


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