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Arc Review | The Lady in the Smoke 

I’ve been on a kick lately to read books set in the Victorian era, and when I saw this book was available to request, I jumped at the chance! 

A Lady

This book follows Lady Elizabeth Fraser who, after surviving a terrible train accident with her mother, is stuck for a week in a town called Travers. During that time, she meets a young railway surgeon, Paul Wilcox, whom she feels an immediate connection to (but doomed romance! two people from such different classes are not supposed to marry! *cue heart ache*). Also during that week, she learns that the train wreck may have been no accident and sets out to help Paul and his friend Mr. Flynn (a newspaperman) find the truth. Afterwards, she heads home and continues her queries, and events continue to become more and more dangerous.

This book kept me turning the pages, eager to find out what would happen next! I absolutely loved it, and immediately after finishing the book, I went and preordered it! The connection between Elizabeth and Paul was heartbreaking, because in that time a daughter of an earl did not marry someone of the working class. It just wasn’t done.

The research was very well done in this book. I felt like I was back in that time period, with Lady Elizabeth, feeling the strictures of society, and also the tense anxiety of the dangerous investigation they had undertaken. I absolutely loved it and need more!

Would I recommend?

YES. Read it. Love it.

My Rating: 5/5 stars

I received an arc copy of this book via Netgalley from Alibi in exchange for an honest review. 

Purchase here: Amazon | B&N

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