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Book Review | The Girl From Everywhere 

I loved this book! Absolutely loved it! The idea that there are a select few in the world who can travel to any time an place that they want, is something I’ve always been fascinated with. This is the year for great time travel books, it seems!

Girl from Everywhere

I’m not one usually for lists, but I did one anyway! There are just so many things I loved about this book, I had to put it down somehow!

Things I loved:
  1. time travel
  2. History
  3. MAPS
  4. Diversity-Nix-half Chinese/half American. Kash-Persian
  5. Kash x Nix=adore those two
  6. did I mention MAPS!!
  7. Seeing the relationship between Nix and her father, Slate, develop
  8. the author’s note
  9. the majority of the book takes place in Hawaii, when it still was this island paradise
Things I was so-so about:
  1. the pace was at times a little slow
  2. there was a bit of a love triangle, but I ignored it because NIX x KASH
  3. her rocky relationship with her father bothered me as much as I loved seeing it develop

TIP: I would definitely read the author’s note. If you’re one of those who generally skip those, I would make an exception this time. It explains where the history came in; where the fantasy came in; where Kash’s character came from; and more.

This book was a wonderful fantasy/time travel novel! I can’t wait to read more from Heidi Heilig! This book was a wonderful debut!

My Rating: 5/5 stars



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