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Arc Review | Rebel Sands

Happy release day to Rebel Sands by Alwyn Hamilton! This book was fantastic and lived up to the hype.

rebel sands

This book is a wonderful mix of Middle Eastern influences, fantastical beasts, and a gunslinging girl with perfect aim whose only goal was to escape her small town, Dustwalk.

The story starts at a shooting competition, where we meet Amani, our heroine. There she meets this dashing foreigner, Jinn, who she sees as an escape from Dustwalk. From there, one adventure after another happens, and it’s always interesting to see how she gets herself and others out of them.
 I thoroughly enjoyed Amani’s character. She is a tough, but compassionate person, who tries to live by the rule of the desert: look out for yourself first. But that doesn’t always happen. It was interesting to see her character develop as she learns more about this power she learns she has, and becomes more involved in the rebellion led by the Rebel Prince.

I loved her and Jinn together. It was great to see their passion explode for each other in the background of this story.  I started suffering from a book rut towards the end of this book, so the last half of this book I just wasn’t into. However, I do think it ended well. I will definitely need to read this again.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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