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Book Review | The Shadow Queen

I thought this was an interesting, dark and twisted retelling of the Snow White tale!

Shadow Queen

The story starts out nine years before, where we find out the events leading up to Irina becoming Queen of Ravenspire and crown princess Lorelai and her brother becoming fugitives. Fast forward nine years, and we see Lorelai and her brother, along with their guardian Gabriel, helping the poor and trying to stay one step ahead of Irina.

The other character in this story, Kol, is newly crowned king of Eldr after his father and brother are killed by ogres. The only way to stop the ogres is magic, and so Kol goes to Irina to ask for her help. But her price is Lorelai’s heart, and things become a mite complicated. Oh, did I mention that Kol can turn into a dragon!? That was pretty cool.

There was a moment reading this when the wicked queen uses here magic to drain young girls of their beauty and all I could picture was Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman:


I enjoyed this story, and thought it was a good edition to the retelling books that are out there!

I would definitely recommend!

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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