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Weekends in Chicago, Part I

May has been a pretty great month so far. The past couple weekends, I’ve gone into Chicago and got to see some pretty great things.


The first weekend in May, my family and I spent the weekend in Chicago and saw the Field Museum’s “China’s First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors“, which was amazing! Just to see something that was found in the last couple of decades is pretty amazing, and to see the craftsmanship, to know that each face of the Terracotta Warriors is different, was one of my favorite things.

Here we are at the Field Museum:







We then went to The Art Institute to see Van Gogh’s Bedrooms before they closed the exhibit. And after an one and 1/2 hours waiting in line, we finally got in. It was totally worth the wait. I love Van Gogh’s paintings, so to see them in person was amazing!



We then spent a gorgeous Mother’s Day at the Botanical Gardens.

IMG_9405 IMG_9406

Of course I brought books along with me, and I got some reading done, but we also went to a bookstore, and I got some more books.




Since this post in getting rather long, I think I will do part II in a post next week, and it’ll be on BookCon!


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