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Book Review | Thirty Days to Thirty

This was such a cute summer read! One of my favorite finds this year!
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I had first requested this book through Netgalley because of the storyline. A woman, about to turn 30, loses her job, finds her boyfriend is having an affair, and no longer has a place to live. After moving back home with her parents, she finds a list she made back in high school of thirty things to do before her thirtieth birthday. And so comes her adventure of living again, getting over heartbreak, and finding an old love.

I had a hard time putting this book down! I liked the message in this book that sometimes you need to take a minute and just live, not be so consumed with work that the relationships in your life suffer because of it. I will be turning 30 in 6 months, so this book was relevant for me, in a way.

One thing that I didn’t care for was the rushed romance between Jill and her old high school sweetheart, Charlie. I suppose in a way, they pick up where they left off, but things moved a little quickly for me. But it wasn’t a huge deterrent.

Overall, this was a fun, contemporary coming-of-age story. Definitely recommend if you need a light read!

My Rating: 4/5 stars


Purchase here: Amazon | B&N


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