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Book Review | Britt-Marie Was Here

It might come as no surprise to those who know my love of Fredrik Backman’s books, but this was yet another book of his that I absolutely adored!

*Disclaimer: You should read the first two books by Backman before you read this one, as they are connected

Fredrik Backman has a serious talent. He has become one of those authors that I will automatically buy, you don’t even have to tell me what it’s about. Like all his stories, Britt-Marie follows a woman that most of society would be frustrated or annoyed with, and brings a heartwarming element to the character.

We first meet Britt-Marie in My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry, and she doesn’t make the greatest first impression. I remember being annoyed with her, wondering what her issue was. By the end of that story, we learn that her husband of forty years has been cheating on her and that she knew about it. It is only when her husband has a heart attack and the Other Woman calls that Britt-Marie leaves her husband to find herself. After forty years of a loveless marriage, in which being a housewife and stepmother was her full time job, she applies for a job and ends up in Borg, a derelict place, hit hard by the financial crisis. It is a hard place for fastidious Britt-Marie to be. What follows is heartwarming; friendships form, romance blooms, and Britt-Marie finds herself becoming vital to the community. It is just a wonderful story about a woman trying to find herself again after having something devastating happen to her.

You probably don’t want to hear me rattle on about how much I adore Backman’s books. All I can say is that you should read them. They are so good.

My rating: 5 stars

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