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Book Review | This Savage Song

This was such a beautifully written, compelling book! I absolutely loved it!

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This reminded me a lot of V.E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic books (appropriate, I suppose, since she got the idea for this book while writing those books). Many people have said that Kate Harker reminds them of Lila, and I can definitely see that. She is fierce, puts on this bad girl act to try and impress her ruthless father; deep down, though, she dreams of a different, more peaceful life. Like with Kate, August reminds me strongly of Kel—he is this precious cupcake you just want to protect! All he wants is to be human, but he is one of the most feared monsters, one who can steal your soul.

And like with A Darker Shade of Magic and A Gathering of Shadows, the ending leaves you very deeply worried for him! I just want him to be okay!

It has monsters (which is totally awesome—I haven’t read nearly enough books with monsters) and such beautiful writing, I don’t even know where to begin. Schwab writes such beautiful prose! I just wish I could write like her.

What was especially awesome was the fact (and this has been mentioned before) that there is no romance between the main characters! Sometimes a book doesn’t need any romance! Sometimes it just needs an awesome friendship and that is what happens between August and Kate. Now, who knows what will happen in book two, but I’m sort of hoping that they just stay friends. But I might change my fickle mind when I read book two, so who knows.

It also has a Miss Congenialty “S-I-N-G” reference which makes my life.

Overall: this is a right up there for me with her ADSoM and AGoS books and it is brilliant!



    • I know! I was so excited because now I have both covers! I hope you like it. It’s had mixed reviews, from what I’ve seen but I loved it. Thanks for stopping by!

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