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Book vs. Movie | Jurassic Park

What was better? The book or the movie?? Well, that’s just a silly question. Obviously it’s the book. But sometimes that is not the case (but only in very rare instances). 

Jurassic Park

I have an odd love for Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, one that doesn’t make sense since there are a lot of parts that irritate me in the book (mainly all the sciencey talks).

If you’ve ever read the Jurassic Park books, you know that there is a lot of action and lots of dinosaurs eating and chasing people. I was happy with the first movie that there weren’t any huge changes—those big changes come more in the second movie. I think the change that has bothered me the most was the scene where the little girl who gets bitten by the little dinosaurs when her family go on a little trip to the beach in The Lost World movie actually happens in the Jurassic Park. It’s probably a little thing, but I’ve never liked that they did that.


I did like how they portrayed Dr. Ellie Sattler’s character in the movie. I always found her to be a strong female in the book, and that was how she came across in the movie. Also the fact that Samuel Jackson plays John Arnold—automatically makes this movie better, lol.

A lot of the characters are the same, though a lot of the action in the books was changed in the movies, something I’m not thrilled about, but overall doesn’t bother me too much.

Overall: book and movie are tied

Lost world

The changes from book to movie that bothers me the most in the Jurassic world is The Lost World by Michael Crichton, with the movie directed by Steven Spielberg. These two are so completely different from each other that I can’t go over them all in here. I love this book more than the first one, so these changes really bother me.

The main thing that bothers me—no T-Rex actually terrorizes the city of San Diego!


This never happens, and I always felt it was unnecessary to add this part in the movie. There is so much action and terror and dinosaurs chasing and eating people that would have made for a great movie. [This whole thing sounds blood thirsty, what with eating people. Oh well.] Instead, it was changed into this completely different story. I was not a fan. The only thing that links it to the book is Ian Malcom, Sarah Harding, and Eddie—all were in the book. Kelly was not in the books—Malcom never had a daughter in the book. There were actually two kids in the books who were brainiac students that Levine (who is not in the movie) taught.

Overall: In this instance, I thought the book was definitely better than the movie.


What are your thoughts? Have you read these and/or seen the movies?


  1. I loved the book Jurassic Park and, being a fan of both Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum, enjoyed the movie also. It’s been ages, but I seem to recall a scene in the book where the T-Rex had the little sister in his mouth, grabbed by her clothes maybe). I thought that would probably not be in the movie if they wanted the young audience. Too traumatic for youngsters that age. My thinking was that kids are used to seeing adults done in, but not children their own age. Crazy of me?

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    • I can’t remember exactly where that scene is in the book, but I can see why they wouldn’t want that in the movie, and I’m completely fine with it not being in there. My issue is more with them putting in different action scenes in the book that would carry over well into film.

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  2. Funny thing – I only read the second book, somehow I never got my hands on the first.
    It was very technical and even though I enjoyed it I can’t say it’s among my favorites.

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