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Book Review | Tone Deaf

I first found out about this Pi at Book_Sorcerer on Instagram (who you should totally follow, by the way!), and as soon as I read the blurb, I knew I had to have it!Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.20.25 AM

This book was sooooo good, I read it in one sitting! What caught my attention was the fact that the main character was deaf. I’ve never read a book before where the main character was deaf, and I thought this one was very well done and well researched. I felt that I learned a lot about the deaf community just through reading this book!

The friendships between Ali and the band was probably my favorite, especially between her and Killer. They are two fellow geeks who hit it off almost immediately, and was just really nice to see  Killer take Ali under his wing.

I can’t say I ever really liked Jace, though I did warm up to him in the end. I think was I learned his story and why he was the way he was, I started to like him a bit more. But it was nice to see him open up and begin to fall in love with Ali.

My one complaint is that the romance did feel a bit rushed. I remember wondering at one point when they had decided they were in a relationship. One minute they were friends and the next they were in a relationship and no discussion about it that I could recall.

Beware: this book touches on child abuse, alcoholism, and drug use.

My rating: 4/5 stars


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