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Book Review | Falling Over Sideways

This is such a wonderful, funny, tragic story! It had me sobbing by the end of it (but in a good way). 

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.17.51 PM

It’s probably stupid to say that I was surprised by how much I loved this book. I mean, I’ve read Jordan Sonnenblick’s other books and loved them, so I shouldn’t have been surprised by this book. But I was.

The story follows Claire as she dances in the same place while her friends move up a class, where she is bullied at school, and where at home nobody truly listens to her. But her life changes one day when she is at home having breakfast with her dad when he all of the sudden suffers from a stroke. All of the sudden, her family is having to deal with the effects of the stroke which left him almost a vegetable. All Claire wants is her father back, and I will admit that this broke my heart.

This story is in parts funny and tragic, and the subject matter handled brilliantly. It was wonderful to see Claire grow even closer to her father and help encourage him to recover, to see her grow closer to her other family members, and to see her make friends with some of the kids that were bullying her.

This is a super quick read, one I could not put down. This was another favorite from Mr. Sonnenblick!

My rating: 5/5 stars


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