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Arc Book Review | Fate of Flames

This book has potential of being a kickass female superhero story, but falls just a little bit short.

Fate of FlamesFour girls with the power to control the elements and save the world from a terrible evil must come together in the first epic novel in a brand-new series.

When Phantoms—massive beasts made from nightmares and darkness—suddenly appeared and began terrorizing the world, four girls, the Effigies, each gained a unique power to control one of the classical elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Since then, four girls across the world have continually fought against the Phantoms, fulfilling their cosmic duty. And when one Effigy dies, another girl gains her power as a replacement.

But now, with technologies in place to protect the world’s major cities from Phantom attacks, the Effigies have stopped defending humanity and, instead, have become international celebrities, with their heroic feats ranked, televised, and talked about in online fandoms.

Until the day that New York City’s protection against the Phantoms fails, a man seems to be able to control them by sheer force of will, and Maia, a high school student, unexpectedly becomes the Fire Effigy.

Now Maia has been thrown into battle with three girls who want nothing to do with one another. But with the first human villain that the girls have ever faced, and an army of Phantoms preparing for attack, there isn’t much time for the Effigies to learn how to work together.

Can the girls take control of their destinies before the world is destroyed forever?

This book has been described as PACIFIC RIM meets AVENGERS, which I can definitely see (at least for the Avengers—I haven’t seen Pacific Rim yet). Maybe for this reason, I was expecting more. It seems to be odd to say, as there was action from pretty much the beginning, but at times, it felt like nothing much was happening. The only thing that I can point to leading to this feeling is the fact that an awful lot of the story is Maia going around the world trying to bring together all the effigies so they can fight this new threat in New York City. But Maia is new to being an effigy—before she became one, she was part of the ‘fandom’—so when she meets each effigy, she becomes this blubbering fangirl (a little too much time was spent on this, so it began to lose my interest).

I wanted to be in love with this book–I love kickass adventure stories–but it just needed another dimension to it, to make it better for me. It was just lacking something for me.

*I received an arc copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 3/5 stars


  1. 1. Do go see Pacific Rim, it’s very awesome in my opinion.
    2. This sounds interesting, between your review and the description I am intrigued…

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