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Book Review | No Plain Rebel (No Ordinary Star #2)


In part two of this three part series, No Plain Rebel continues where No Ordinary Star left off, and we see the relationship between Felix and Astra continue to grow (which was, and is, my favorite part about these books!) Another favorite part about these books was seeing them learn about things that we take for granted everyday—in one scene, Astra finds this skateboard, and the childlike innocence she has in enjoying it, makes you think of things that you might be taking for granted in your own life.

You learn very quickly in these books that this is a very backwards thinking world—women are useful only for being workers to plow a field and harvest eggs from, who are not even allowed to be educated, and are raped; men are raised to be nothing but soldiers, and not question authority, and while they are educated, they do not know music. It is a crime to birth a child (as in, carrying it in your womb—all children are born from a test tube, or so they are told). While we learned a lot of this in the first installment, the information is more fleshed out in part two.

The writing is another great thing about these books. M.C. Frank does a great job of engaging the reader from the first page. I had started reading these books, and before I realized it, I was halfway through!

Now to anxiously await the final installment!

[Edit July 2017: I fell in love with these books even more the second time around! The world is just so richly written, and that stood out to me even more this time around!]

My rating: 5/5 stars

*I received an arc copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! 


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