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Arc Book Review | The Girl Before


The idea behind this book is what first drew me to this book. And while there were things I did like about it, overall I had a hard time with this book. One of the main things I had problem with was the pacing. It seemed to take forever to just get half way through the book. If the pacing had picked up a notch, things would have gone much better with this book. As it was, there was still an element of tension, seeing parallels between Emma and Jane’s chapters that kept things interesting.

One Folgate Street is designed by architect Edward Monkford, but there are multiple rules if you want to live there which is where things start to become suspicious. This book does take you on a ride, but there are multiple triggers that you need to be aware of before going in: rape, still birth, etc.

Apparently, J.P. Delaney is a pseudonym, and I am curious to know who was behind writing this book.

Overall, I think this was an okay book. I was just hoping for a bit faster pace and more tension.

*I received an arc of this book via Netgalley from Ballantine Books. Thank you. 



  1. You’re the second blogger I read who thinks it was an okay read but not as good as expected. I really like the blurb and now I know I must lower my expectations to enjoy it 🙂

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  2. I have seen this book around and it does have some mixed reviews.The premise is interesting but I do get the issues that you raised especially about the pace since that would have bugged me too.Not sure if I’ll read this one.Great review.

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  3. Brandie says

    I have tried reading this book twice now and had the same issue with it reading really slow. I think if it were a faster pace maybe I could’ve stuck it out.


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