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Book Review | Find Her


“The glitter tells us so.”

This was my first introduction to a Lisa Gardner book, and what an introduction! What I loved most about this book was how unreliable a narrator Flora was. The book had you questioning Flora, if she was the victim in this new crime or if she was just a vigilante, taking justice into her own hands.

It was a truly suspenseful book. I can’t even begin to imagine—or even want to imagine—what Flora went through in her 472 days of captivity, many of those spent in a pinewood box, and being constantly raped, just enduring until she is finally rescued by the F.B.I.

After being rescued, she is completely changed (how could you not be!?); neither her mother nor brother recognize this new Flora, a shell of her former self. All she can focus on now is criminal behavior and trying to find missing college students.

This was just a really twisted book; it was compelling, and one I could not put down. I had to know what happened, what were Flora’s motivations, and if D.D. would find Flora in time after she is kidnapped as well.

I definitely plan on picking up another Lisa Gardner book, and Right Behind You seems the perfect one to go to next!

Favorite Quotes:

“Nobody want to be a monster.

But some are still born that way.”

“No one said living is easy. You’re still going to have to get up each morning. And you’re going to have to make decisions.”

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  1. This sounds kinda dark but quite interesting and I do like unreliable narrators.I’ve only read Perfect Husband by Gardner which was great.I’ll be add this one to my TBR.Great review!

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    • Thank you! It’s definitely a dark book, but so well written, I thought.
      I’ll have to check out Perfect Husband! This was my first Gardner book, and now I’m eager for more! 🙂


  2. I’ve been meaning to read this one! This post got me so hyped. If you like unreliable narrators, Defending Jacob by William Landay is pretty good! 🙂

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