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Arc Book Review | A Wedding in Italy

Kate is now living the dream in Italy with her gorgeous Italian policeman, Alessandro, and yet now she must survive her landlord, Alessandro’s Mamma, and the jealous ex-girlfriend who still wants him (and is also his co-worker). It kind of puts a damper on your fairy-tale. Where the first book was relatively drama/angst free, this book had a bit more (the jealous ex-girlfriend made sure of that), but I enjoyed this just as much as Rome Is Where the Heart Is. [review here]

Honestly, if you want a great vacation read, something light for the summer, read these books! You won’t regret it! They are wonderful to take your mind off of life, and get immersed in Italy and Italian families. This book makes me want to brush up on my Italian and move to Italy!

*I received an arc copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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