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#BookReview | DragonWatch

Fablehaven is back! I’m so happy! I’ve missed these books so much and it was so wonderful to be back in that world.

In the original series, Seth and Kendra learn about Fablehaven’s secrets and protect this secret preserve, a place where fairy tale creatures live. They’ve battled against evil, fighting dragons and demons and witches, and winning. Now, this new series focuses on the dragon preserves, specifically Wyrmroost, where the dragons are becoming restless. The magic that is binding the dragons to the preserve is becoming weak and a group called the Dragonwatch need a new “dragon tamer”—someone who doesn’t become paralyzed in the presence of a dragon—to become the new caretaker. Enter Seth and Kendra. Because of their abilities they received in the first series, they are to work together to become the new caretakers of Wyrmroost. They need to strengthen the magical bindings to ensure that the dragons cannot escape and tyrannize the world.

This is a thrilling adventure for middle grade readers (and older, tbh. It involves dragons, fairies, demons, wizards, etc.—what’s not to love!?). The dialogue is fun, and they get up to all sorts of mischief and perilous adventures.

Brandon Mull does fill in a lot of the backstory from the original Fablehaven series, so you could go into this book not having read the previous series, but I would reading the entire series before reading this book.

My Rating: 5/5 stars


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