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#BookReview | The Book Jumper

“… this library was both enormous and ancient.
It was full of whispered words, the lure of stories waiting to be read, a rustle of promise that hung in the air.”

This book was every bibliophile’s dream: protect the literary world by having the ability to jump into books and interact with the book world. So I was pretty excited about this book when I found it in the bookstore! Prior to the bookstore, I’d never heard of it before, so I came to it with very little knowledge or exposure. Overall, I thought this book was enjoyable. However I did have some points to pick with it.

The Good:

-Obviously the fact that you get to jump into books! I so wish I could do that! I loved reading about Amy’s adventures in the Margins from her first jump in!

-The three generations of women (Lady Mairead, Alexis, and Amy) were great and reminded me of the Gilmore Girls‘ relationships.

-The romance between Will and Amy, while slightly predictable (they share one kiss are “in love”), also had elements in it that were surprising. It had an element of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet with both being from rival families.

-Also, Stormsay—I started watching over the weekend the BBC show Shetland which is based off of books by Ann Cleeves.

My Issues:

-A minor point as it doesn’t happen that often: some of the inner thoughts that Amy has in regards to Werther comes across as slightly flippant in its view of suicide, which I’m not sure is the authors intention. It is something to be aware of. One of the characters in the Margins that Amy makes friends with is called Werther, from The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. In the story, Werther is a sensitive and romantic young man who meets and falls in love with Lotte. His passion for her torments him so much, to the point of despair, and *SPOILER*, he commits suicide.

-I found it a bit odd that for people who were supposed to be guardians of literature, never took Amy seriously when she told them that someone was stealing plot ideas. You would think that you would at least investigate to verify.

-Lastly, I found the ending to be a bit rushed, and not clearly resolved.

I think that all in all, this was a fun read, one I enjoyed reading, but it was nothing spectacular.

“For years now, working my way through the contents of the city library had been my favorite pursuit.”

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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