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#BookReview | Into the Water 

“It was a place to get rid of troublesome women.”

I have to admit I was anxious when I started this book. Sometimes with a wildly popular first novel like The Girl on the Train, the next book from the author isn’t as good. I’m happy to say that I enjoyed this book just as much as I enjoyed Hawkins first book [review here]! Her writing is just as sharp in this one as it was in TGotT.

People might want to compare this to her first book, but this one stands on its own. It’s a unique story, told from multiple POV’s (some might say too many). There are 11 POVs in the story, and while it was a bit hard to keep track of at times, I ended up making a cast of characters in a notebook to help me keep track, which ended up really helping. I thought having so many POVs really served to make the reader distrust the other characters as you learn new information about each of them. Everyone is suspect in this book.

It’s a dark story, with hardly any characters you would actually like. Truly, I can’t think of a single character that I liked, so I wouldn’t go into this story expecting to like anyone. They are all horrible people.

This was a fun ride to the end, though I took off a star because it ended up being a bit predictable at the end.

My Rating: 4/5 stars


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