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#BookReview | The Night Stalker

“This is the problem when you create enemies, Erika. They go off and plot, and often flourish in the shade.”

Holy cheez balls! That was a gripping ride! Consider Robert Bryndza my new one-click buy! (I’ve already purchased the next two books in this series!)

This was a fantastic follow up to his debut book, The Girl in the Ice, which I was immediately obsessed with! Erika is a gritty protagonist, a strong female lead who doesn’t take crap from anyone, and can sometimes come thisclose to being a vigilante. She’s a flawed individual, and I love that. Nothing irks me more than when a character is written like they are perfect.

What I especially loved in this book was getting to know Isaac more. I loved his and Erika’s developing friendship in the first book, and to see them become closer friends here was great. The politics of her job is what will infuriate you the most. Everything conspires against Erika when she is solving murders: the Chief Superintendent seems to dislike her; Superintendent Marsh (her direct superior) doesn’t seem to support her when she needs it most; and she always manages to attract the attention of the serial killer, putting her life at risk.

Beware! These stories are addicting! You won’t want to stop reading or listening to these stories. You will loath some characters, and become champions of others. I’ve been listening to these books on Audible, and the narrator, Jan Cramer, brings the characters to life. There’s an intensiveness that Cramer brings to the story which I love. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I’ll stop here. Now to start book 3!

My Rating: 5/5 stars



  1. Reading your review makes me so happy! 😀 I absolutely love this series so it’s great to hear you are enjoying it as well so far. The fourth book is my absolute favorite (although this one comes a close second), so I guess you’ll be having something to look forward to! 😉 I hope you will enjoy the rest of the books as well.

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  2. Brandie says

    Really glad to see you enjoyed this one, because I have a copy I haven’t picked up. This is a new-to-me author I’m hoping to love!

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