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#BookReview | To Rome, With Love ❤️ 

I could just swoon all over this book! It was light, fluffy, and sweet! A perfect beach read! It’s a finely written, engaging story, that takes you on through every emotion as Sarah is dumped a week before her wedding to falling in love, and cycling from Venice to Italy.

Sarah works for a travel company that has an epic upcoming cycling trip that spans from Venice to Rome, and when one of their tour leaders breaks an ankle, Sarah’s boss (enter Miles) asks that she goes in her place. What happens from their is fluffy and dreamy, and makes me want to go on a cycling trip from Venice to Rome . . . almost, anyway.

Sarah and Miles, I’ve decided, are those people that you would like to stick in a closet until they admit their feelings for each other because they are oblivious. They dance around each other, not convinced the other likes them, but everyone else can definitely see the what is going on.

This book will make you hug the book to your chest, it’s so sweet. If angst in a romance book is your thing, you won’t like this book. It is a sweet, straightforward romance that will brighten your day.

This was my first book of T.A. Williams, and I can’t wait to read more!




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