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Thoughts on The Yellow Envelope #bookreview

“Everything changed for me when I realized that the only person I could control was myself. I can’t control what people do, only how I respond to what people do. You have the same choice.” 

I love travel, and especially other peoples travel stories. However, Kim Dinan just irritated me. She seemed very selfish to me; so ready to give up on her marriage without fighting for it. Instead of a travel memoir, the story is a self-centered reflection on her failing marriage.

Feeling lost and unhappy at her job, she decides that the only way to find herself is to quit her job, convince her husband, Brian, into leaving his, sell their possessions, and travel the world. Once Brian agrees to her proposition, it seems like she switches gears and doesn’t enjoy all the places that they travel to. There is an air of gloom and negativity about the book that really bothered me.

We are taken to several places all over the world, and yet we get bare descriptions. Somehow it just doesn’t seem like a travel book to me. If she had added some of her posts from her blog to the story, it might have improved the book. However, I was mainly irritated throughout the book. I think her blog would be more worth more to check out, to see and read about their travels than this book.

My Rating: 2/5



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  2. Looks like we had the exact same experience while reading this one… It really shouldn0t have been marketed as a travel memoir in the first place. Great review!

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