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Dark Water: A Thrilling Ride #bookreview

“Erika, even cats run out of lives. Use the ones you have left wisely.”

Ever since finding out about this series through Crime Book Junkie’s blog, I’ve been hooked {here} {here}. Robert writes such interesting, flawed characters that you both love and sometimes loath (or sometimes just outright hate from the beginning), that you want to keep on reading the story.

I’ve been listening to these on audiobook, and I often times will listen to them before going to bed—let me just tell you this is probably not a good idea with these books if you want to get any sleep. If you don’t want to sleep, then don’t worry about it. But these books will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

This one finds Erika in a new station after things come to a head at the end of book 2, with new colleagues. But don’t worry, Peterson, Moss, and Isaac are still main characters in this book! (Thank goodness, because I love that group dynamic.) While on a drug bust case, where they are dragging a quarry to find evidence for their case, they come across the body of Jessica Collins, who has been missing for 26 years.

It seems that in each story, Robert gives insight into Erika’s relationship with her co-workers outside of work, and I love that. In book 2, we got to see Erika’s deepening friendship with Isaac, while in this one, we see her relationship with Peterson deepen, and I couldn’t have been happier! Erika is still slowly recovering from the loss of her husband, and it is hard for her to move on to a new relationship, which Robert portrays excellently. I loved seeing her character develop even more, and can’t wait to see what happens in Last Breath!

Erika strongly reminds me of Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson from The Closer. If you’ve ever seen that show, just like Brenda, Erika has trouble in her job politically. She just always seems have trouble. And the case she is on in this book is 26 year old missing persons case that got a lot of press. 

There are twists and turns in this story that will keep you guessing until the shocking ending. (I truly did not see this one coming, like I did in book 2.)

“If I should go tomorrow It would never be goodbye, For I have left my heart with you, So don’t you ever cry. The love that’s deep within me, Shall reach you from the stars, You’ll feel it from the heavens, And it will heal the scars.”

It’s safe to say I’m incurably hooked on these books.

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars






  1. I’m so happy to see you loving this series that much! I hope book four will be just as good for you… Especially since it’s my favorite so far. 😉 Great review!

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