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#BookReview | Dark Crimes by Michael Hambling 

A young woman is stabbed along a footpath in Swanage late at night, and the next day two more bodies are found. Who is the perpetrator of these crimes? After a fairly obvious set up (that took them halfway through the book to move on from), we find out quickly who is the actual killer and just how twisted he is. But don’t go into this book expecting a thriller—this is more of a cat-and-mouse mystery, than anything.

There was nothing in terms of surprising twists that shocked me in the story. What I liked about the story was the team themselves. They worked well together, their stories not overpowering the main plot of the book.

What I did have issues with was the writing itself. The story often times fell flat, with descriptions and dialogue reading like it was written for a script. It could have done with an editor to really elevate this story to a great mystery novel. The writing wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but it was on the bland side. It just needed some more time spent on it to truly bring it to life. They plot itself held my attention and is what carried me through to the end.

Overall, I did enjoy this and will definitely check out book 2 in the series to see what Sophie and the team are up to next!

My Rating: 3/5 stars


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