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The Devil Hates Latin by Katharine Galgano #BookReview

Blurb: “An African is elected Pope as the Barque of Peter encounters heavy seas. Everywhere, the Faith and the West are in decline. Ominously, occult practices have corrupted the elites, the media and powerful men in the Church. The new pontiff faces this unprecedented challenge alone, until an embattled American Cardinal sends his best exorcist to Rome, a young Dominican priest with hard experience combating the Devil—in Latin—on America’s mean streets. Meanwhile, a US media mogul, an indifferent Catholic targeted for his politics, flees America with his family for the Eternal City. There, they find a despondent society where Italians no longer marry and have children. Indeed, all hope seems lost until a beautiful Roman girl takes a brave stance against the rising tide of despair. Gritty, fascinating and impossible to forget, The Devil Hates Latin sweeps from New England to the Tiber, and ultimately to a Renaissance palazzo nestled in the green hills of Umbria, building to a shattering confrontation as Good summons the courage to face the menace of the gathering forces of Evil.”

by Katharine Galgano | Publisher: Regina Press | Publication date: 29 December 2016

My Rating: 5/5 stars

I’ve sat on this review for a while. For no good reason really, because this was such a great book! This was such a brilliant, heart pounding read, I couldn’t put it down!

This is the first book published by Regina Magazine, and it was a stunner. (I’m probably gushing now, but I can’t help it—I loved this book so much!) It follows several different people at the beginning, and at first you are wondering how all their stories fit together. Slowly, as the story develops, things draw together and comes to a shocking conclusion.

For those who might not know (which is probably most of you), I am a Catholic. I’ve been so since 2013 when I converted to Catholicism. But I’ve always celebrated the Ordinary Form, which is what most Catholics celebrate today. This book (and Regina Press) celebrate the Extraordinary Form (or the Latin Mass), and I found it so fascinating and intriguing. I found myself wanting to find out more.  I would have to say this book probably deepened my faith more, because it had me researching things that I wasn’t as familiar with.

Overall, I became an instant fan of Katharine Galgano’s writing, and can’t wait for her to come out with another book!



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