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M.C. Frank’s Couples Giveaway!

This gorgeous header was created by the lovely M.C. Frank!

Welcome to February and an awesome giveaway hosted by M.C. Frank’s couples! Who are the couples, you may ask? Wes + Ari from Lose Me., Beatrice + Dominic from Ruined, and Astra + Felix from No Ordinary Star series.

To enter and find out how you can win a $15 Book Depository gift card, follow this link to see M.C. Frank’s original giveaway post.

I absolutely adore all of M.C. Frank’s books, but one of my favorites has to be Lose Me., simply because it’s a Pride & Prejudice retelling, and we all know how I love a P&P retelling. (If you didn’t know, well, now you do.) Find my review from last February below, and then follow the link to enter the giveaway!

Find out more about Lose Me. here

[You can find my original review post here]

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know that I love Jane Austen (re: the title of my blog), so when I heard that M.C. Frank (who is a new favorite author, and who wrote one of my favorite books, Ruined!) was going to be releasing a book that was an adaption of P&P, obviously I had to request it!

I loved this modern take on P&P so much! It takes place on the Greek Island, Corfu, and I now have a new place I want to travel to! I never wanted this book to end! This book was so much more than a love story—it was a story about love, loss, friendship, and growing up. It was very easy to get emotionally wrapped up in Ari’s and Wes’s characters and love.

They definitely don’t have an easy time together—there are doubts and lies between them that threaten to tear them apart, and creates a whole lot of drama. But it’s also about family, and the close tie between Ari and her family, and the new family she finds.

It’s got light moments, frolicking on beach and swimming in the sea, but it’s also got its darker moments—that’s what makes this book so wonderful.

lovely aesthetic created by Janella Moreno Abdulsani Strong.

Follow this link to enter M.C. Frank’s Couples Giveaway!




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