Requests & Review Policy

I am not currently taking review requests. 

I am 27 years old and currently an editorial assistant for a think tank in the Midwest. I am a certified bookworm and Harry Potter fan, with my B.A. in English Studies and a History minor. This is my attempt at a book blog. Hopefully it goes well.

In general, my blog revolves around Young Adult literature. I do not review poetry (in general), as I do not have a strong grasp of it and would not be able to fairly review.

My rating system

☆=Did not like, would not recommend
☆☆=The book was okay, but had flaws.
☆☆☆=Was alright, there was something about it that I did not connect to.
☆☆☆☆=Was great, a book that I would recommend to someone depending on that person.
☆☆☆☆☆=Was my favorite book ever! I would recommend it to the first person asking for a recommendation.

My Traffic:

My Terms (in progress):

  • I promise to offer my honest and respectful opinion. If I don’t finish a book, I promise that I have given it an honest attempt.
  • I read all different formats: ebooks and printed, though I prefer having a printed book in my hand.
  • I never read a series out of order.
  • You can get in contact with me through a contact form

Genres I Read:

  • Fantasy (high, sword and sorcery, etc.)
  • YA Lit
  • Classics
  • Mystery



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